“The Tourist” Actress With Her Family Together In A Movie Set

Angelina Joile in 'The Tourist' premiere

The multi-awarded actress Angelina Jolie enjoys having her 6 kids and husband Brad Pitt on the set while

filming the movie entitled the

“The Tourist”. She shared that her kids laugh at her when they saw their mother in girly dresses and speaking different accent to portray Elsie Ward.  Angelina appreciates this new opportunity working with Johnny Depp in the film.

Jolie additionally admitted that her kids love adventures as they love packing up their things whenever they have trips. As a mother, she hoped they will grow as beautiful individuals having fulfilled and happy lives.

Happy knowing that Angelina Jolie has still have plenty of time to spend to her children despite

the hectic schedule. Not only she’s the best actress but also the best mother for her children.