Dean McDermott In ICU After Motorcyle Accident

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

You know I have to commend Dean McDermott for having the balls to keep riding that damn motorcyle although his wife Tori Spelling absolutely hates. And now riding has lead him into the ICU after suffering from a punctured and collapsed lung.

Tori’s rep says, “He’s expected to make a full recovery. He will remain in ICU for a few more days.”

Do you think he’ll keep his ass off the motorcycles now or will continue riding them to not have to spend so much time at home with Tori? Because that IS why he rides them ya know.

Another Black Guy seen With Kim Kardashian


Can someone tell me what it is with the Kardashian clan and their love for black men? Bueller…bueller. Is it their soft skin? Big di*ks? Whatever it is, it keeps Kim coming around because last night she was photographed with yet another black man that just so happens to be a football player named Miles Austin.

The two were spotted together celebrating Austin’s 27th birthday. If Kim plans to catch up with her sisters and find a man that’s husband material, she’d maybe want to try someone that’s not still in their 20’s or spends half their time in another state.

Gosh hasn’t Kim realized that these black guys are only dating her to say “Kim Kardashian, yeah I hit that.”

Vienna Girardi: Playboy Doesn’t Want You!


Rumors have been circulating the internet that newly single Vienna Girardi plans to expose all and pose for Playboy. But while bloggers type and mouths talk, apparently Playboy has heard nothing about Vienna taking her clothes off for them because…they haven’t asked her.

In a statement sent to X17 Online, a rep for the magazine said, “This is the first we’ve heard of Vienna Girardi appearing on the cover of Playboy. We are not in negotiations with her and have not made her an offer.”

In yo face Vienna! 

Don’t you think you’ve exposed enough with telling strangers about your relationship problems like we really care. Your 15 minutes have officially started to end. Time to get a real job.

Zoe Saldana Engaged


If I were a lesbian I’d definitely have a crush on actress Zoe Saldana. She’s incredibly beautiful and of course talented. But sadly my dream will never become true because she just became engaged by her boyfriend of a surprising 10 years, Keith Britton.

Maybe he was waiting for her career to blow up before he put a ring on it. Either way you want to look at it Keith is a lucky man.

Congrats to the couple!

Miley Cyrus Thinks 'True Blood' Is Lame


Miley Cyrus sure does have a mouth on her, and I’m not talking about those horse teeth either. I don’t understand how the hell

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she can criticize television shows and other people but when bloggers take a stab at her tremendously revealing attire she becomes snappy. Idiot!

During an interview with E! online, Cyrus showed her lack of love towards the HBO hit True Blood saying, “I hate vampires.” Not only was that a stab at the show but I’m sure Twi-hard fans felt a jab also.

She continued being a smart ass asking, “What channel is that on? We don’t have HBO. [My mom gets] about 10 channels, so we don’t watch a lot of TV. All we have is like Disney Channel and Nick at Nite because my sister is only 10-years-old.”

Miley Cyrus, shut the hell up! You know your mother’s television has more 10 channels. Gosh, what an idiot and a liar. I’ve had enough of Miley and her idiotic antics.

Who is with me??

Lady GaGa Falls On Her Ass!


When will Lady GaGa learn that her psychotic fashion sense is yesterday’s news? This morning while donning another outrageous outfit and hideous heels, GaGa did what a lot of us have been wanting her to do…fall on her ass!

She was in front of London’s Heathrow Airport when the drama went down, or shall I say, she went down. And of course the paparazzi was there to catch the whole thing. Man do they come in handy sometimes.

Lately GaGa has been a bit of an asshole so hopefully this fall made her want to get off her high horse just a little.

Vienna Dumped Jake Because Of His Christian Beliefs?: “Jake Lied to Me!”


It’s  a sad, sad world now that Vienna Girardi has split from fiance and last year’s The Bachelor contestant, Jake Pavelka; but if you thought one could find true love on a reality dating show then you’re just as blindsided as they were.

Yesterdays rumors or shall I write facts came out that Vienna cheated on Jake with Greek actor Gregory Michael. In fact, over the weekend he dished to OK! magazine at the CHOC Oncology Prom that he “danced the night away,” with Vienna. What also makes me believe that she cheated on Jake is when Gregory also said, “I was very careful that it was over with Jake before I did anything.”

Umm…ding ding ding! We have a cheater on our hands folks. What the hell did he do exactly, take Vienna back to his place and  play Connect Four? I think not.

The juicy details behind their breakup keeps flowing  after Vienna spoke exclusively to Star magazine informing them of the real reason she is currently single saying, “About a month into our relationship things started to get strange. Like he didn’t want to kiss me. I had to ask. And then he decided to go on a fast for religious reasons and he didn’t want to be intimate. He kisses me only if we are on a red carpet or cameras are there.”

Well no wonder Vienna cheated! Jake would touch her with a 10-foot pole. But then again you can’t blame the game for not wantingg to have sex before marriage; us poor Christians.

She was also upset & felt betrayed after finding out Jake’s real passion…acting, “he lied to me! We never talked about it.”

Gosh, I guess Jake didn’t know that Vienna wanted to be the actress in the relationship. It’s funny how Vienna swears that  she hasn’t cheated with Gregory, especially since they’ve been photographed together twice this week.

Team Jake!

Heidi Montag Hit On Justin Bieber via Twitter?!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or you just don’t give a damn, then you already know that Heidi Montag has filed for divorce from her husband Spencer Pratt.

Apparently Heidi has already begun to move on to someone that is more mature than Spencer…Justin Bieber?

Yesterday she tweeted to the  teenage pop star: “now that I am getting divorced I think you and I should do a photo shoot together! Cutie 😉 I’m closer to your age.”

She’s closer to his age compared to who, Kim Kardashian? Has Heidi really chosen to be this pathetic? Surprisingly not because she’s claiming that Spencer hacked into her Twitter account and sent that message.

She told celebrity obsessed whore Perez Hilton, “I didn’t write that thing about Bieber my fame hoer x husband hacked my Twitter and wrote that he is so lame!”

Okay, I understand that Spencer is being a complete jerk to Heidi right now but lets not forget just two months ago they were being fame whores together; now they’re just doing it seperately.

Orlando Bloom Decided To Put A Ring On It


It’s a sad day today for those single female Orlando Bloom fans who thought they had a chance of dating the hunky star, because over the weekend he did in fact finally decide to put a ring on girlfriend, Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr’s finger. That’s right ladies, Orlando Bloom is engaged, confirms his rep.

The two have been dating for three years. Although his rep confirmed the great news, no juicy details about when or how he proposed was given.

Congrats to the couple.

Amanda Bynes Loves Black Peen


Yes, we all know Amanda Bynes went on a Twitter vent yesterday confirming that she has retired from being an actress; but it was one specific tweet that caught my eye and honestly inspired me to follow her profile:

“I like black men I’m very attracted to them just fyi…”

If that tweet didn’t draw her a few thousand more follow requests from idiotic black guys who think they may actually have a chance with the unemployed blonde shell, then maybe I’m thinking too much. But if the gal wants to quit her career (that was lacking in the first place) and show her love to the beauty that is a black man, well then I’m all for her.

Officially following Amanda Bynes i.e Chicky