Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan Movie Gets a Title and Plot Details

Remember when Ben Affleck popped up in The Sum of All Fears to completely crush a longstanding film franchise? His take on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (you could say the film was one of the first popular “reboots” of a franchise) was all wrong, and undoubtedly the weakest of the portrayals we’ve seen. Ultimately, the guy didn’t stand a chance next to Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, though, so what did we expect?

The new Jack Ryan is similarly youthful but with a level of acting talent that exceeds Affleck’s by leaps and bounds: Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine. The new film will be entitled Moscow, and will observe the character before he joins the CIA, after his duties as a Marine have ended.

According to our source, “[Ryan will] be working as an advisor in Moscow for a private employer. It is that billionaire employer who eventually sets Jack Ryan up to take the fall for terrorist plot designed to collapse the U.S. economy.”

Producer Mace Neufield had some more words about the structure of the film:

We pick him up when he’s on Wall Street…[but] the Jack Ryan movies have never been action films. They’re kind of ‘thinking man’s thrillers.’ Jack is referred to as a ‘water-walker’ because of his ability to jump ahead to conclusions. That’s very big in all the Jack Ryan films and that’s how we want to portray him. He’s a teacher. He’s a historian. He’s a linguist. And he’s really smart.”

While I’d be ecstatic as all get out about a Rainbow Six film (seriously, what a fantastic property sitting around waiting to be adapted), I’m still pretty pumped about this. I’m sure Pine can deliver a lot to the character and the actual plot of the film sounds much more interesting than The Sum of All Fears. Will it stand up to Patriot Games or Clear and Present Danger? Time will tell.

Source: /Film