John Singleton Enters The Taylor Lautner Business For ‘Abduction’

The director of such strong, provocative and unflinching films as Boyz N Da Hood and Higher Learning and the star of the Twilight franchise, together at last. Yes, that’s right. Deadline reports that John Singleton has been tapped to direct Abduction, a somewhat-adult thriller that the hotter-than-Hell Taylor Lautner has been attached to for a few weeks, after the script, written by Shawn Christensen, was purchased by Lionsgate in an auction this past January. 

Lautner will star as a guy who discovers that the folks he thinks are his parents are actually phonies, and then has to fight for his life as a conspiracy unfolds. When the project was first announced, the analogy of “Bourne meets Hitchcock for the Disturbia crowd” was drawn, so take from that what you will. The real intrigue factor here is Singleton, a talented filmmaker who deserves a big-money-earner.

Source: Deadline