Why Lady Gaga’s Booty Should Win a Grammy

Lady Gaga has been tearing it up on the pop scene (hell, the overall music scene) since her album The Fame dropped in 2008. Sure, we could talk all day about how talented she is, that she’s one of the few musicians who writes their own music and has a style that makes people spit out their mochcappfrappa-half-caff-chinos, but it’s her shocking booty that turns spectator’s heads.

Much like Katy Perry’s boobs (three thumbs up) and Mad Men’s chesty Christina Hendricks, Lady Gaga’s butt deserves some accolades.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga has an Italian heritage and if you know anything about Italian girls, they come packing some heat. Diving into music, Gaga got a nose job and starting acting weird, er, excuse me “eccentric.” If you’re rich, you’re eccentric –everybody else? You’re weird.

At any rate, here’s why Lady Gaga’s ass should win a Grammy next year. It’s huge.

Check it out.