Matt Damon Cast in Robert F. Kennedy Biopic

Gary Ross, the writer and director of Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, has signed on to direct an adaptation of Evan Thomas’ Robert F. Kennedy biography His Life. The script will be written by Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things writer Steven Knight. While I have my reservations about Ross, Knight is an incredibly talented screenwriter, and I’m sure he’ll be able to tap into the source material adequately.

The best news, however, is that Green Zone‘s Matt Damon has reportedly been cast as Kennedy. Damon is a diverse actor, not to mention a pretty good physical match for Kennedy, so I’m certain he’ll be able to bring Kennedy back to life with skill.

From Mary Carroll’s Booklist review of His Life:

“Expect to see Thomas, assistant managing editor of Newsweek in Washington and a frequent talking head on the DC chat shows, on the promotional circuit for this new biography of RFK. Thomas coauthored The Wise Men (1986) with Walter Isaacson and has written biographies of Washington power broker Edward Bennett Williams (The Man to See, 1991) and CIA spooks (The Very Best Men, 1995). He steers a difficult course here, as he observes in a brief introduction to his lengthy source notes, between “hagiography and conspiracy theory,” drawing on new interviews with those who knew Kennedy as well as the voluminous written record of his life and political career. Friends and foes have spun enough myths about RFK to bewilder the casual reader; Thomas sets out to examine the evidence, portraying a complex man who changed in significant ways over the course of his 42 years. In terms of Kennedy’s character and personality, Thomas’ analysis inevitably psychologizes RFK’s position in the noisy, aggressive Kennedy clan and then explores the devastating impact of JFK’s assassination. In tracing the middle Kennedy’s public career, Thomas stresses his use of back channels, going around the chain of command, to obtain information he (or his brother) needed. A solid, judicious life of a politician whose tragic death inspired a generation of what-if history.”

Source: Deadline Hollywood