Steven Spielberg Looking to Bring Dinosaurs Back to Television

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “There aren’t enough Tyrannosaurus Rex’s on television these days,” you may be in luck; not to mention, you could have reason to give those Dinosaurs DVDs a rest (though it’s always okay to mix “Not the mama” into casual conversation). Variety reports that Fox is en route to a commitment on Terra Nova, a new show about a family that’s sent back to Jurassic times and must coexist with prehistoric beasties. Few details are available at this time, other than that the production could be so extensive and pricey that Fox will have to forego a traditional pilot episode and jump right into a full season. 

Terra Nova was written by Craig Silverstein and Kelly Marcel, and will, if officially picked up, be produced by Fox Entertainment. There’s a nice piece of cache involved, too; Variety adds that Steven Spielberg is in talks to come on as an executive producer. How’s that sound, Jurassic Park lovers?

Source: Variety

One thought on “Steven Spielberg Looking to Bring Dinosaurs Back to Television

  1. Screw that! Spielberg go do JURASSIC PARK 4! That is your franchise last time i checked…. Although maybe this could be good news for the jurassic park sequels to finally get underway after ages of being in production hell

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