Oscar Watch: Vera Farmiga’s ‘Up in the Air’ Butt and Photo Tribute

I recently saw Up in the Air because everybody was saying how great of a movie it was. I’m more of horror fan but I still dug the movie, however, it wasn’t the brilliant acting, Clooney’s unending charisma or fabo-story that appealed to me.

It was Vera Farmiga.

In one scene in the film, Farmiga strolls across a hotel room wearing basically nothing while exposing a taut ass. Then I found out it was a butt double.

Dreams shattered.

From an interview with Moviefone:

You gave birth not too long before filming began, and there’s a scene where your character walks across the bedroom and you’re not exactly wearing any clothes — were you nervous about filming that?

In all honesty, we ended up using a butt double. It could have been the breast milk running down my thighs [laughs]. From ‘Running Scared’ to ‘Never Forever’ to ‘Departed,’ I’ve mooned audiences my whole life. And I just think it wasn’t appropriate given the situation. But I think it was a directorial misstep on Jason’s part. I think what people really wanted to see was George’s hairy butt [laughs].

You’d be surprised how many times she’s been asked about her nude scene. Hard working journalists may pretend to care about the film, but what they really want is the scoop on some ass.

Time for some honesty, which is a rarity nowadays. I’ve never heard of Vera Farmiga but apparently she’s been nude in a few of movies. None of which I can post here. Instead, here’s a photo tribute to Vera Farmiga: an actress I never heard of until Saturday.