Amanda Seyfried On ‘Dear John’ Sex Scene with Channing Tatum: ‘It’s Hysterical’

Amanda Seyfried has revealed that filming her sex scene with Channing Tatum in Dear John was not, as the French say, le comfortable.

“It was freezing and I was nervous and it was so technical. Lasse Hallstrom, the director, said he wanted it to be ‘groundbreaking’,” said the Mamma Mia! actress. “Channing and I were like, ‘What do you mean?’.

“And Lasse said, ‘You know, like you wouldn’t believe it’. If you ever got to watch a love scene being filmed you would have a great time because it’s hysterical,” said the 24-year-old.” There’s nothing sexy about it, but they make it look quite sexy in the editing room.”

Seyfried plays Savannah Curtis, a “buttoned up conservative” gal who falls for Channing Tatum’s John Tyre, a soldier who is on leave.

“My 13-year-old self would be screaming right now if she saw me kissing Channing,” Seyfried said. “When I was a teenager, I was dreaming about Justin Timberlake or Leonardo DiCaprio, who Channing has replaced as one of the sexiest men in movies.

“I’m sure a lot of girls are probably really jealous of me. It’s crazy. Being an actor is weird sometimes because you get used to making out with all these different people.”

That’s not the only love makin’ going on for the actress. Seyfried ups the ante in her upcoming film Chloe with Julianne Moore. She plays an escort girl who is hired by a wife, played by Moore, 49, to seduce her husband, played by Liam Neeson, who she suspects is cheating on her. Seyfried does ye olde lesbian kiss with Moore and shows off her naughty bits. (See the trailer below.)

Chloe arrives on March 19 while Dear John opens on Feb. 5.

Source: Parade