Summit to reboot TWILIGHT, remake HURT LOCKER


Announced early this morning, Summit Entertainment has decided to steal a page out of Sony’s book and remake their successful Twilight Saga, with production slated to begin immediately after Eclipse sees release. Plans to make Breaking Dawn have been scrapped, according to the following quote from a Summit VP:

“We feel that the series should appeal to a newer generation. We’re pleased that the Twilight saga has reached a number of fans, but we want to expand on that fanbase by putting Bella and Edward in middle school. We also would like to make a grittier, more contemporary take on vampires.”

Also announced were plans for Summit to remake Kathryn Bigelow’s epic The Hurt Locker, slated for release in summer 2011. According to the studio, they want a more action-packed, less character driven film. The hope is that Jerry Bruckheimer will produce and directors being tossed around currently are Michael Bay, Brett Ratner, and Mark L. Lester. None of the directors or Bruckheimer could be reached for comment.

In this day and age, this doesn’t surprise me. I mean, I guess studios are going to feel the need to reboot every two years even if the fanbase responds well to their films. Just because a series has one terrible picture doesn’t mean there needs to be a complete overhaul. Clearly not enough time has passed where the first films are nostalgia and no longer fresh. Oh well, looks like we’re entering a dark time for Hollywood.