‘Spiderman 4′ Is No More; Series Will Be Rebooted


How swiftly things can change in this weird place called “Hollywood” in just one day: yesterday morning I reported on Tobey Maguire’s patience with the delays on Spiderman 4‘s scripting process, Sam Raimi’s conflict with the studio over his villain, and John Malkovich’s desire to be cast as the Vulture in the fourth film.

In less than 24 hours, the entire story has changed: Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst are no longer part of the Spiderman franchise. The series as Raimi created it is dead in the water.

What’s the easier route to take when you have a stubborn director insisting upon an elderly, unappealing villain? Reboot the series, of course.

In what is possibly the worst decision of all time, Raimi and co. will be swapped out for a new director and cast in a full series reboot that will take Peter Parker back to high school age, negating all character development that has been made in three films.

What’s worse? Sony Pictures are apparently a bunch of liars: while we’ve been told that James Vanderbilt had been hired long ago to flesh out drafts of Spiderman 5 and 6, he was actually scripting the reboot. That’s right: Sony has been sitting on this news for at least a year now, as a contingency plan in case Raimi resisted their pressure.

Entertainment Weekly apparently has glimpsed this script, calling it “gritty” and “contemporary,” citing Batman Begins as a comparison.

Note to Sony: “gritty” and “contemporary” are not the things that make the timeless character of Spiderman work, and your plan to reboot this series reeks of complete and utter stupidity. More angry news will be reported here as a director and cast fall into place for Spiderman Begins.

Source: /Film