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2. Avatar – Release Date: December 18, 2009

James Cameron’s return to the genre that made him an A-List director has been met with both anticipation and high expectations. Working with an estimated budget of $200-$300 million, Cameron is taking time out from his constant visits to the Titanic wreck to create a visually bold alien world filled with outstanding special effects, action and enough thought-provoking content to keep audiences gabbing all the way home.

About an ex-marine who’s sent to a distant planet to settle a new human colony, problems arise as he must deal with another humanoid race with a cultural and language of their own. As the marine learns more about the plans hatched by the humans, he joins sides with his new alien buddies to work towards their survival. Cameron says his new film is an “emotional journey of redemption and revolution.”

Starring relative unknowns to keep an already exploding budget down, the part real action, part CGI thriller, will be filmed in 3-D and hopes to be a fun (and enlightening) time at the cineplex. Find more here: