Unexpected: Miley Cyrus breaks attendance record in London

rl_mileycPop tart Miley Cyrus was been selling out venues across the United States since her recent Wonder World tour began, but has our cousins across the pond been as receptive?

Yes. Yes, they have been. With gusto.

Cyrus has broken the record for performing for the largest ever attendance at London’s O2 arena.

The former Disney princess played to 16,196 rowdy fans on the third of of five concerts at the English capital. The arena holds up to 23,000 people.

Miley was supported by her brother Trace’s band Metro Station.

17-year-old Cyrus sold out her ten-date schedule. She told Irish TV channel RTE: “I will be in an apartment in London for Christmas. There will be 12 of us in total and my grandmother is going to cook dinner.”

Audience members were treated to Cyrus performing awkward booty pops, getting “hot and bothered” with male dancers and singing songs about artists she has never listened to.

To put this in perspective, the Spice Girls played for seventeen dates beginning on December 15,  2007 on their Reunion Tour.  23,000 tickets sold out for the first night in 38 seconds.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected: Miley Cyrus breaks attendance record in London

  1. Uh, NO the O2 does not seat 23,000 for a concert.. Miley's 16,196 is the record for a single show. The Spice Girls did sell out 17 shows @ the 02 for 2007's reunion tour with 256,647 tickets sold for an average of 15,097 per show.

  2. I think someone has to call the arena for a comment. I've seen in print, whether correct or not I don't know, that Metallica has the O2 record at 19,017 on 28 March '09. I think this is wrong because only a center-round configuration could take up such a small amount of space. For basketball, it can seat 20,000. For Gynastics, 16,500. These numbers are from Wikipedia, but need to be checked. Once I quoted a Variety magazine article whose numbers subsequently turned out to be a misprint. So, more research, I guess.

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