Desperate for cash, ‘Cool World’ star Holli Would to pose nude

rl_holliwouldHot on the heels of Marge Simpson posing for Playboy comes word that another animated star will pose in the buff: Holli Would.

Starring opposite Brad Pitt in the 1992 film Cool World, Holli became and instant phenomenon with plush dolls, motor oil, trading cards and a line of plastic BBQ equipment.

Holli Would will appear in the January issue of Blonde Biscuits according to Ms. Wood’s spokesperson Lakima Hassani. “She needs the money,” Hassani said. “She’s not the type of person to pose naked. She was brought up in the Mormon faith and they have gone on record saying that they dislike members of their congregation posing for Blonde Biscuits.”

In Cool World, Would played a girl who wanted to break free from the shackles of her own world and seek adventures in another land. Risking everything, Would breaks the rules of society and finally strikes out on her own.

“It’s a female empowerment film,” Would said in a 1993 interview with the London Bell-keep. “When I auditioned, the producers looked at me and hired me on the spot. They told me the film was supposed to be like Roger Rabbit only for adults. The themes in the film were not something I wanted to pass up. You don’t turn down a film from Ralph Bakshi.”

After her role in Cool World, Would went on to star in The Temptation of Dan Feelgood as a Jewish refugee during Stalin’s rise to power in the Soviet Union. It went direct-to-video. Since then the charismatic Ms. Would fell on hard times and became dependent on black-tar heroin and Doom Dittles. She’s been rarely heard from since the mid-90s when she was hired as a dancer in a Luke video.

Holli Would’s issue of Blonde Biscuits will hit truckstops sometime in late December.