Sylvester Stallone begins work on ‘Rocky 7′ despite embarrassing his family

rl_rocky63-year-old Sylvester Stallone is working on Rocky 7 whether you like it or not.

“I know I’ll probably make a fool of myself if I make another Rocky film after turning 60,” said Stallone who is wrapping up his next action-tastic fiesta The Expendables.

“I also know there’s gonna be a lot of criticism. Even my wife says, ‘Don’t do it. You’re embarrassing the kids’. But I told her, ‘If I don’t try I’ll be a really unhappy man.'”

Stallone is also writing a script for Rambo V, a follow-up to 2008’s Rambo, which earned $155 million worldwide.

“I know it’s ludicrous and everyone would laugh. I would laugh about it,” Stallone went on to say. “But I also know that I’d be successful if I can make this a film about becoming older, not about boxing but about myself.”

The sixth instalment in the Rocky franchise, Rocky Balboa, also made $155 million.

Stallone’s films are usually viable due to their name recognition and smaller budgets. Balboa was made on a $24 million budget.

The Expendables arrives August 20, 2010 and stars Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Stone Cold Steve Austin along with Stallone himself.

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15 thoughts on “Sylvester Stallone begins work on ‘Rocky 7′ despite embarrassing his family

  1. Everyone thought Rocky Balboa would be a disgrace and it turned out to be quite wonderful.

    My guess is Balboa becomes a trainer/mentor (ala Rocky V) but trains a champ. . . he become, in essence, Mickey.

  2. “Son Of Rocky” was a concept of Stallone’s , since the making of Rocky in 1976. I remember reading about it, shortly after the Original Rocky was made. Now aside from script, first and foremost what really needs to be paid attention to is environement, scenery, locations, and style of shooting. So much of the magic of the Original Rocky is in that, and lost to hollywood in other films.
    “Son Of Rocky” , needs the Grit, Needs the Streets, Needs the Philly Italian Neighborhood, hard times struggle, in the visuals (not mentioning the script). Rocky has it, and you know how to do it (just as well as Scorsese !). Don’t water anything down. From the Heart to the Heart !
    The relationship, and edge that Gazo (Mafia loan shark) and characters like him brought to Rocky , made it. Gino’s Steaks, The Italian Market, Under the El, jogging with bricks in hand, coming across neighborhood tough guys, Some Italian spoken in Neighborhood , relationshipe with Priest. You made the world smell the scents of the neighborhood through the screen. Rocky was all or nothing sell for you.
    You know how they wanted to offer other actors the part, but you refused (while living in Garage size place).

  3. Stallone, I am speaking directly to you.This near depression the western world is facing, understands hard times to well for comfort ! This recession is no joke ! So many lost jobs, and crime is an easy way out. I’m writing this with inspiration from above, and believe you will find inspiration in it for your
    “Son Of Rocky” series of films.
    The next films to come, are not (only) Rocky sequels, but a new series of films for the next and future generations. Where the tree falls, the seed(s) begin. The world needs to know, easy way out is not the way, and goes nowhere in the end. It’s rising to the occasion, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
    The real hero’s are the ones who make it, fighting through all the wrong,
    and being right to the end. You had the dream from the beginning sly.
    The world is waiting for “Son Of Rocky”.
    From a Brooklyn Dreamer !

  4. Now for basic script idea.

    Son Of Rocky discovers how corrupt the company he works for is.
    He tries to bring it to the boss’s attention, and finds that are the main players in the corruption. He questions his ethics, and remembers how his Dad Rocky taught him to be honest through it all. He is let go from his job, for bringing the truth to liars,cheats,theives (heads of his company). He looses apt he had with good income, and is now unemployed (like many others in the neighborhood and city). His Dad, with only Rest as income, can only do so much income wise, and Son Of Rocky (Robert), is forced to face hard times and new reality !
    From there it begins.

  5. Where the neihgborhood tough guys (Gazo like,) come into it are,
    they know Robert (and Rocky) are down.
    They come in offering funds, loans.. (with Port scenes, like Rocky , while Rocky is down picking up fish for the rest)
    Robert (and Rocky) refuse their offer, and finds fighting (Boxing) is the way he can make it through. The tough guys, though they don’t like his decision of not accepting their hand, they respect it (like Gazo did with Rocky), and come to consider goodness and honesty through his decisions, gestures, and choices (Goodness winning over dis honesty).
    Different levels of Depth to the story.

    Get in touch

  6. Boxing is a dying sport. He should make something about his son doing mma or something like that. But yeah I would say just leave the series alone. It's fine how it ended.

  7. I think that Stallone did fine with the Rocky series, but I would love to see a Rocky 7….. GO FOR IT !!!!!!

  8. stallone, you the man mun yea. rocky 7 would be a windfall if you cd take mickey's place. since rocky's wife has passed the storyline could begin from when yo son gets into the wrong crowd and dies of drugs for example puting balboa in an almost similar position as mickey in rocky 1. things turn for the same from there when balboa meets a young amatuer fighter of italian origin too just like himself in rocky 1. everything starts from there. the scenes should be similar, a down and out boxer, homeless, who inspires the reigning heavyweight champion of the world who happens to be just as well dressed and business canny as creed was.

    from singapore

    'go after him kid, go after him'

  9. ROCKY was an inspiration and will always an inspiration to me….but its now turning into a disaster ie from classic movie status to just an ordinary movie….

    so think and make a good move….

  10. I think Sly can make a good lesson for all real retired boxers if Rocky 7 is produced.

    Rocky comesback again, but this time he's being embarrased by his fellow opponent, like 5-6 knockdown before he's finally knocked out by his opponent. I was almost crying to see retired champs like Leonard, JC Chavez, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, etc. being humilated in the ring by their younger opponents.

    Moral of the story: you can't fight your age!

  11. In Rocky 7. Rocky should help his son find his way. As per Rocky 5 towards the end of the movie. Adrian tells Rocky if he has somthing he wants to pass on he should pass it on to his son. His son is lost. Well in Rocky 6 his son is still lost. In Rocky 7 he should help his son really find his way. Wether Rockys son is fighting and Rocky is his coach or Rockys son is doing somthing else. Either way from my point of view Rocky 6 is still incomplete. Rocky 7 should complete the series where Rockys son finally finds his way.

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