FACEBOOK leaks users private messages upto four years old

Thought it was safe to message someone privately on Facebook, ever used the phrase private message when describing Facebook?

Well  think again.

Facebook have I believe ‘inadvertently’ leaked millions of its users ‘private’ messages onto people’s timelines.

The situation was brought too attention from a status that did the rounds saying:

Facebook has publicized your private messages from 2007-2011 and displayed them on your profile as wall posts!! To stop this select each year on the right-hand scroll bar and next to the wall posts for each year hit ‘edit’ and ‘hide from timeline.’

This only deletes messages you’ve received from people – private messages you sent to other people will still show up on their walls, so tell everyone to do the same.

It was believed to have been up for around 3 hours and allowed people to have a good nose around to see what information had been shared between two users.

I for one took full advantage to see what loved up messages my friends had received form ex-girlfriends for future banter.

The problem now seems to be resolved but the repercussions could be severe for the website that boasts some 800million users.