Pics, Video: Gemma Arterton is Smokin’ Hot

Gemma Arterton may not strike you as fraggin’ hot. If that’s the case, please examine your eyes because this Bond girl is insanely sexy in a “sexy-next-door-neighbor-wants-to-sneak-over-and-take-a-shower-then-I-accidentally-discovered-her” kind of way.

Arterton was seen in Quantum of Solace, Clash of the Titans, andmost recently Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The 24-year-old will also star in the upcoming film “The Fantasies of Diego Modesi.”

Sad news though, on 5 June 2010, she married Stefano Catelli,

a sales manager, at a ceremony beautiful in Zuheros, Andalucia, Spain.

Along with all the hot Gemma Arterton pics, I’ve also

attached the video of her photoshoot in GQ.

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