‘Toy Story 3′ Called Sexist, Homophobic by Ms. magazine

Pixar’s newest gem, Toy Story 3, has been branded as “sexist” thanks to the dialoque given to the film’s main chracters.

Natalie Wilson of Ms. Magazine says Toy Story 3 “opens on a woman-empowerment high, with Mrs Potato-Head displaying mad train-robbing skills and cowgirl Jessie skillfully steering her faithful horse Bullseye in the ensuing chase.

“And that’s the end of that: From there on, the film displays the same careless sexism as its predecessors.”

Wilson goes on to tackle the marginalization of other female characters in the movie: “As for Ken, he is depicted as a closeted gay fashionista with a fondness for writing in sparkly purple ink with curly-Q flourishes.

“Pairing homophobia with misogyny, the jokes about Ken suggest that the worst things a boy can be are either a girl or a homosexual.

“Yes, the film is funny and clever. Yes, it is enjoyable and fresh. Yes, it contains the typical blend of witty dialogue as well as a visual feast-for-the-eyes,” Wilson admits. ‘But, no, Pixar has not left its male-heterocentric scripts behind. Nor has it moved beyond the “everyone is white and middle class’ suburban view of the world.”

Thoughts? Does she have a point or is she totally off base?

2 thoughts on “‘Toy Story 3′ Called Sexist, Homophobic by Ms. magazine

  1. yeah, she is.

    And Wilson is perpetuating the whining, pissy, angry feminist stereotype that causes young women like myself to be hesitant to call themselves feminist in an age where there's cause to be angry that feminism is actually digressing.

    This is a kid's movie LADEN with tounge-in-cheek humor that shouldn't be taken seriously. She needs to stop spouting her virtrol about Toy Story 3 and focus on movies that genuinely should be bashed for their sexist views – like Sex and the City 2, or the ENTIRE Twilight franchise. There are teenage girls and young women…and women with children, who honestly think that Bella and Edward's relationship is healthy and real, and that Bella is an example of a strong female. They're turning a 17 year old virgin that's actually 109 years old that's a controlling, manipulative stalker into IDEAL boyfriend material.

    Seriously? And she's tearing apart a well loved kid's movie?! Her energies are better spent elsewhere, especially with films that are already sending bad messages, since Twilight is a series of books.


  2. Sounds to me that this ms Wilson is just one of those people who has to make a complaint about every movie, no matter how minute or insignificant (and it IS insignificant), in a futile attempt to sound “insightful” or some shit. Just freaking enjoy the movie. I’ll bet my right arm the folks at pixar weren’t sitting behind their writing desks going oooh yeah, lets make a totally intentional yet really subtle attempt to bash and degrade women and gays in this movie that actually has nothing to do with women or gays or bashing because thats what we aim to do here at pixar where we make movies for little kids who wouldn’t understand anyway.

    Just calm the hell down, please. You feminists are starting to sound as bad as PETA. “Don’t you swat that fly!”

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