Angelina Jolie handing out soccer balls in Africa

Angelina Jolie Biography to be Released By Customer Service Rep

Angelina Jolie handing out soccer balls in Africa

Franklin York, a customer service rep for a leading satellite television provider, will write a tell-all book about Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The book, entitled, Yup, Angelina Jolie and More, will be released this summer. York promises that the book will provide in-depth details about the Jolie-Pitt household and will contain juicy details about their personal habits.

“Angie called me at work to talk about her TV package and what I learned was definitely shocking,” says York. “She told me that she wanted to add the Latino Mucho Soccer package along with Access Guatemala, a package of channels directed at Guatemalan nationals.”

York, who has been on the job for three months, recorded everything that Jolie said to him for quality control purposes.

“I had a feeling all of this information would come in handy. I knew I had my pay day. Knowing I had Angelina Jolie on the line, I started asking more questions,” said York. “I asked her what she liked to watch on TV, what she likes to watch in bed and, wow, I was truly stunned by what she said. Obviously she is a raging psychopath.”

According to York, Jolie said she enjoyed the following:

-Sprouts en Espanol
-Azteca America
-CentroAmerica TV
-Cine Latino
-Discover Familia

“I thought she was a freak, but I had no idea just how freaky she actually was. The gal is a pervert. I can’t believe the channels she is into,” says York in disbelief. “Worst of all, she told me she showed this garbage to her kids. I should have called social services instead of trying to get paid millions of dollars.”

York’s book was picked up by Soiled Slut Publishing, a Utah-based company who specializes in celebrity-focused books.

“We here at Soiled Slut are excited about Mr. York’s book. We have high expectations for Yup, Angelina Jolie and More,” says Soiled Slut president Jack Hudson. “It’s important that we expose Ms. Jolie for the monster that she is. Azteca America? She ought to be locked up.”