Scarlett Johansson Says there is More to Black Widow Than Being Sexy in a Catsuit

The disgustingly sexy Scarlett Johansson reveals that her role as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 is sexy but smart. So guys, when you’re ogling Ms. Johansson in her tight, tight catsuit, please remember that there’s more to her character than dropping bad buys on their ass: she’s intelligent.

“Well you know, I don’t think I have never really seen a film of this genre, where the female characters’ sex appeal sort of came second,” Johansson said to Teen Hollywood. “I mean of course they’re sexy characters. When you have a sexy secretary, or a girl swinging around by her ankles in a catsuit, you know that’s innately sexy, but the fact is that these characters are intelligent. They’re ambitious. They’re motivated and calculated to some degree.

Johansson goes on: “A movie where I would probably have to be just a pawn in a story of a whole bunch of men fighting it out and rolling around and getting down and dirty [wouldn’t appeal to me]. When you are there to be the vision in the tight catsuit, it’s sort of a boring thing to me. And I think that [director] Jon [Favreau] really made that very clear in the beginning. He felt that, as far as Black Widow was concerned, or that Natalie was concerned, she was mysterious and nuanced and something to kind of peel back the layers to. That there was something there.”

Uh huh.

“He wanted to do that, and I think that is why this film is much more dynamic for me as an audience member,” she said. I have never really been a fan of this genre really and I think because it is really one note and kind of explosive. I think that because Gwyneth [Paltrow] and I can sort of be the brains behind the operation in some aspect, there’s kind of a happy medium there. I think it adds to the charm and the charisma of the film and the finished product.”

Iron Man 2, in its second week in release, has nabbed $212.2 million domestically.